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The path to Handstand for BEGINNERS > VOLZET!


This workshop will smoothly introduce you to the world of inverting, safely and progressively. We will revisit the classics (headstand/forearm stand) and use them as tools to study good foundation and understanding of the inverted body. Using the above as common ground we will lastly build our way up to handstand, paying attention on efficient alignment and technique to render the upside down experience effortless.

We will make use of the wall as well as spotters throughout the entire workshop to ensure our safety and train our eye for verticallity. This class will provide you with a variety of tools, easy to apply in your own practice if you wish to master your inversions.

Open to everyone who is comfortable in attempting crow pose (bakasana) and headstand against the wall.

This workshop will be in English!
Maximum of 20 participants!


Christina discovered handstands 5 years ago and immediately fell in love with this practice that keeps her challenged and always thirsty for more. Having practiced a variety of sports, the amount of detail and beauty she encountered in the upside down world has kept her body and mind occupied with learning and exploring ever since. Starting to invert as an adult, with no previous acrobatic experience, she had to overcome the fear as well as the feeling of incapability that we are often faced with when it comes to standing on our hands. She now feels grateful to have found ways to safely guide others through this same, empowering path.